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 •  SensorPlot
For those who want to measure and study mechanical and electromechanical motion without programming.
Designers of general electromechanical components
Electric Motors & Generators, Pumps & Compressors, Gear boxes, Automobiles, Turbomachinery...
Designers and developers of motion control systems
Motion Control, Servo Systems, Factory Automation, Semiconductor Equipment, Machine Tool, Medical Equipment...
For those who need to troubleshoot motion control problems
Other Applications
 •  Motion Capture Card
Motion capture hardware for data acquisition integrators who want to integrate measurements of motion using DLL and/or LabVIEW drivers.
 •  Stepper Motor Dynamics Analyzer
Bench-top system for measuring the performance parameters of stepper motors and motor drivers.
 •  2D Data Acquisition Sampler
System for measuring the parameters of a two dimensional surface and generating a 2D intensity plot.

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