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SensorPlot™ gives you the ability to measure and see the dynamics of mechanical motion by offering a number of features not available in any other lab instrument or data acquisition system:

  • motion sensor inputs specifically designed to interface with motion sensors (optical incremental encoders, gear tooth sensors, laser interferometers...)
  • the ability to measure analog sensors like voltage, current, proximity and accelerometer transducers synchronously with angular/linear position, velocity and acceleration.
  • the ability to sample based on position as well as time
  • an integrated set of analysis tools including integration, differentiation, spectral analysis, bode plots, stationary and time variable filters, statistics and curve fitting.
The ability to measure angular/linear motion concurrently with analog sensors (voltage, current, accelerometer thermocouple...) facilitates the study of such things as motors and generators, engines and turbines. Advanced mathematical capabilities allow you to study vibration and friction and evaluate such things as induction motor vector control techniques.

Many Instruments In One

MechScope™ can measure, compute and display many mechanical and electrical parameters simultaneously. The combination of equation-based measurements and variety of display types permits the creation of composite instruments to suit a diversity of needs. For example, the panel shown on the right illustrates a setup targeting the study of induction motors. It includes simultaneous measurements of motor shaft angular position, instantaneous velocity and acceleration, and measurements of the voltages and currents in the motor windings. Other possible displays include plots of winding current versus angular shaft position, startup acceleration, instantaneous and average power, efficiency, spectral analysis of current waveforms and many others.

Concentrate on Analysis Not Programming

MechScope™ is a very powerful instrument that requires no programming to use. Making a measurement with MechScope™ is as simple as associating one or more measurements with a display. All operating controls have been carefully laid out, tools and functions are easily accessible, and creating new measurements involves nothing more than writing an equation in standard mathematical notation. Because you are not distracted by the need to learn special languages or revisit old code, you can concentrate on performing experiments and exploring the results.

The MechScope™ software can also be run on computers without the instrumentation hardware. This gives you the opportunity to analyze data at a more convenient time or location. Additionally, the ability to load pre-designed configurations allows you to tailor MechScope™ to suit a variety of experiments.

Sophisticated Research

MechScope™ is not a simple data logger, and it is not a collection of data acquisition cards and software libraries that must be programmed. Its complete and advanced feature set makes it suitable for sophisticated research. Salient features include:

  • very accurate measurements of angular/linear position, velocity and acceleration
  • high sampling rates suitable for the most demanding mechanical application
  • algorithms that are robust and maintain numerical accuracy when presented with unexpected values often associated with real data
  • a rich set of analysis tools (tracking filters, digital filters, spectral analysis, measurement wizards..)

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