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Ideal Acceleration

In this example SensorPlot™ was used to monitor the position of a linear actuator during a commanded move of 2.3 inches in 0.5 seconds. The quick 2.3" move was compared to the theoretical position profile which was computed mathematically using the real-time math capabilities of the SensorPlot™. The acceleration profile of the linear actuator is shown below:

102 inches/sec2

0.00 < time < 0.15 Sec

-102 inches/sec2

0.15 < time < 0.30 Sec

0 inches/sec2

time > 0.30 Sec

The Measurement

SensorPlot™ was connected to the encoder attached to the servo motor driving the linear actuator and configured to acquire a measurement every 200uS for 0.5 seconds. To synchronize the acquisition of data with the movement of the linear actuator, SensorPlot™ was set up to begin acquiring data on the first commanded movement of the servo motor. The linear actuator was programmed to move 2.3" in 0.5 seconds and a single block of data was acquired.



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